Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Missing the Mark

Living a life of Truth is only possible if you didn't know the Truth to begin with. Just as the championship archer started by missing the target, both you and I have missed the Truthful 'mark' in our actions and inactions. We both are good in nature and we want to be ever drawn to the Truths of our existence. However, we get it wrong many times. Just as the just man sins seven times a day we too sin. We miss Truth.

Fortunately for us, He who Is, God and creator of all Truths knew long in advance that we were going to be missing the mark - a whole lot. Such is it he sent us Christ, his 'Son', in that Christ being our reconciler would change our sinful (missing-the-mark) ways and become more accurate. Even the championship archer had to practice a lot before he hit the target every time he drew the bowstring. So must we practice.

God isn't in the business of condemning us for our missing the mark. Quite the opposite. He loves us. As such, He doesn't give up on us if we miss the mark through sin and fail to do the Correct thing. In fact, He sticks with us even though we miss the mark many many times, day in and day out. Although He forgives us of our misses, He really wants us to improve. This is just like the archer who must have some value out of practicing lest he waste his efforts -- perhaps thinking it best to take up another hobby?

God is not the creator of our sins, he only disposes of it. We create sin. God can not create falseness, but He gives us the opportunity to. This is our human nature, we are fallen: we desire explore alternative paths to Him, perhaps finding Truth in things we know are morally questionable. Let it be said here my friend that this is wrong. There is one God, one reconciler of Truth - Jesus Christ and only one path and one set of Truths. All other paths, though attractive, do not lead to Him but away. Even the archer knows that he could hit various other things in his range: the tree, the bush, the river, the house -- but only one set of actions leads toward hitting the mark.

Let us contemplate deeply what this means to us. Are we to become the championship archer that God calls us to be -- or will we simply give up the bow, or shoot elsewhere but the target? Living a life of Truth is very hard, but commendable. Will you be willing to find, listen, and follow the Truth and share them with others? or will you avoid Truth and think that you can live your life without them and have everything turn out ok?

So many people today my friend are so lost, they have no sense of direction and they think that everything is messed up hopelessy beyond repair. Nay, I say they are simply not caring too much about God and His Truths for us. If you remove Him from your life and make him a second (or lower) priority -- nothing good will become of it. Only He has the Truths, only He makes them, only He gives them to you and I. If a lost people start working on Truth, I assure you they would be cured of all ailments for God's Truths are what makes all of us, including the self, happy and healthy. For He knows us, and He loves us beyond any of our imaginations could perceive. He wants us to be drawn to him on the hard path of a life of Truth.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Truths of Suffering

In today's modern world, we are all taught that suffering is bad and that you should do as much as you can to avoid suffering at all. You may be told to gave 'fun' all the time, do what makes you 'feel good', and that it is unfortunate if you ever have to suffer!

I say to you that there are greater Truths behind suffering than what meets the eye. Some of the people who live their lives close to God suffered immensely. If you think about it, why would they want to live a life of pain? They all seemed to want that life too. What could ever compel them to want that? I sometimes follow with the thought that they must have some psychological dysfunction to be wanting such morbid things!

Consider the fact for a moment that suffering might have value to it. If you suffer a lot now, you get a lot more reward later. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? If that's True, then suffering should be desired at some level. If you wanted to be closer to God, closer to Him, you have to defy what is considered by many, 'common sense'.

For, life is full of pain, suffering, doubt and worry. We will make mistakes, we will fall. We will hurt others, whether we want to or not. We will not know any better, and we will be tempted to do what is wrong for us, and we will give in. We will die. Its about time that you and I come to the conclusion that this is inevitable. So instead of letting this get us down, we must these as Truths. They can't be changed or denied -- everyone goes through them -- they are real Truths.

I say, learn to embrace these sufferings as part of living a Life of Truth. Seek out minor ones and train yourself to feel pain so that way when the real trials come, you have already prepared yourself. Give up your suffering to God and then one day, you'll die and then you will be with Him forever, where no suffering will ever take place.

Christ the Reconciler

Its about time I wrote to you about Christ. For if you are to really live a Life of Truth, you need a guide. You need a reconciler. You need Christ.

My friend, God is infinite in His divine majesty. His thoughts, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and Being is beyond comprehension of our half-ape like minds. He is so grand, full of glory, and grace. And when He asks us to live a Life of Truth, he sets on us a hard task: to be like Him!

Friend, how could we ever have a hope of being like God in his infinite capacity to love? Fortunately for us, He knew we would need some help. He sent us guides.

I've already introduced the Bible as being infallible, a book of Truths. This is a guide. Much like the Cliff's study notes, the Bible teaches us what God is really like -- in the printed word. Its a very resourceful book; a living testament of Truth. Its words don't change, but the interpretations of the passages evolve and blossom. We can find ways to God by reading sacred scripture.

But a book, by itself, wasn't all God had intended for a guide. No -- He wanted us to have something more real. Something physical, something that we could relate to, something easy for us to understand, something to compare ourselves against and ask, "I act a certain way, is this how God would act?"

I found this image that truly illustrates what I mean. You and I on the left are people who seek Him. God is on the right. Between us is a way in which we can reconcile our actions, His name is Christ. Christ is the reconciler. Being God's son, he knows God's Truths much better than either you or I. So, if you reconcile your actions with Christ's actions, that's as good as you can do if you with to reconcile yourself with God. He's a bridge. Compare your life to His, frequently. If you are like Christ, you are like God. If you are not like Christ, you are not like God.

This is our Christ, he forgives us as a matter of reconciling us. He looks at your actions and if they don't follow what God wants, he lets you ask for his forgiveness and then He reconciles you. Its time for an example.

If you stole a candy bar, and then later realized this is not what Christ wants you to do, you could seek forgiveness through reconcilement. You could say, "I know what I did isn't what you want God because Christ wouldn't do this. Forgive me. I want another chance to do differently next time. I want to change my actions to be more like Christ's actions so that I am more like you."

That, my friend, is a great act of humility and love. To admit that you don't know Truths, and you are helpless without a guide to ever find and know God. You humble yourself by admitting you need help in reconciling your actions. The response: you're forgiven for your wrong deeds and Christ will teach you to perform correct deeds.

So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the whole world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor 5:17-19

And so I introduce Christ to you. In a Life of Truth, he is our ever loving reconciler. We follow him by changing our actions to become more like his actions in great hope and faith that He is leading us to God, leading us to Truth.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Living a Life of Truth

God is Truth and being infinite in power and knowledge, He knows truly what is best for both you and I. So if he makes a Truth, and out of his infinite goodness he creates you, he has the expectation that you will follow it -- in the very least out of gratitude for being created.

How sad is it that today there so many people who don't even know God or His Truths? They walk about their lives collecting money and physical items, and think that all their is to their lives is to drive around, eat food, watch television, plant trees, build homes and die. For all they think is what they can see and what they can hear. Already, I have told you the Truth already that there is more beyond your five senses!

This world is full of these such people. What goal would these people have in life? Will they take their money or physical items to the grave in a U-Haul? Will they be able to comfort themselves on their death beds when they have spent a life ignoring God and all that He could be for them? God is something to live for, not a pile of money. Even the physicians of this country know at an alarming rate of 80 to 3 that those who are spiritual recover faster -- these patients simply have more to live for. Would you rather live for Him or for your car? Tangible items can never outlast Him.

Worry not, friend. God does indeed love you and perhaps I am being too harsh on you. Forgive me. But God's love is, like Him, infinite and his mercy is also infinite too. You could live almost all your life away from Him and then at the very end recant it all, beg for forgiveness, and then all would be well for you. To think that there is nothing you can do that would make you permanently detached from Him is a quality you must come to embrace. You could disobey His Truths time and time again, and you could still be redeemed and still find your way to Him. He simply loves you that much. Perhaps these are some of the greatest Truths of all time:

God's love is infinite.
God loves you.
God will forgive you.
God wants to forgive you.
God wants to heal you.

If you remember none other, remember these one for you might need to recall it in a dire situation where you face imminent death. They will help you recant the things that you feel you did wrong, and properly prepare you to ask God for His forgiveness.

Pray for people who do not know the messages that I share with you. They need help more than you do, for you continue to read where they do not. I pray for you that you change your life to follow Him. That is my only purpose here. So share this site with those that you know, and don't fear what the reaction might be. God wants as many people to follow Him as possible and to listen to Him. Know you are doing His work by leading them in the right direction!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

10 Basic Truths

To know a Truth and live it is a beautiful thing, friend. You can accept a Truth, adjust your life to follow it, and then swear to honor it until your Earthly death. For to listen to Truth is to listen to God speaking to you. From hearing Him, you grow closer to Him so that you may be with Him forever.

God indeed does love you, more so than you can possibly imagine. Think of your greatest love, and imagine how much more infinitely possible God can multiply that love for you. He gives you Truths to follow so that you may find Him and understand Him, ultimately to love Him back. For He wants you to come to know Him and love Him for all that He is.

Since I want this place to be about Truth always; I wanted to start off with 10 good Truths that you should always follow -- coming directly from Him, more properly known as the 10 commandments. From thinking about each of these and relating them to your life, you can find many more Truths for these are indeed a great starting point on your road towards living the Life of Truth with Him.
  1. I the Lord am your God, you shall have no other gods before me.
  2. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God.
  3. You shall remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy
  4. You shall honor your parents
  5. You shall not murder
  6. You shall not commit adultery
  7. You shall not steal
  8. You shall not bear false witness
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife
  10. You shall not covet your neighbor's possessions
Each one of these Truths has such a deep meaning that they can never be taken for face value. So much Truth is behind each one that they spring forth many other Truths just by reading them over and over again. While I shall cover each of these in more depth as we continue, here is just a little sampling:

I the Lord am your God, you shall have no other gods before me.
Recall that I told you that only God can make Truths for a Truth exists outside of time and space. For only God can do this for he is infinite -- he has no weight, size, location, or any measurement that could bound him. He makes Truth. What God tells you in this Truth is that he IS God, the Being, the infinite One. The universe could not have two Beings -- or more; only one Being defines everything, one singular entity that makes everything. So it should make sense to you then that there are no other gods because everything besides Him is simply finite.

You shall not steal
God knows how society, our civilization should work. He has a plan. He puts down Truths for us to follow so we can live in a civil fashion, respecting one another. If we follow His Truths, our society works out! If we don't, society falls apart. Let it be said here my friend, that many of the reasons why our society falls apart is that we do not follow Truths, but false imitations of Truth. God says to us, the Truth is You shall not steal! However some of us make exceptions to the rule and think that it is OK to steal sometimes, or loot in other times. No! If this is what you do, I implore you to stop now and never steal again. To follow this Truth is to respect your neighbor's property, and his rights to create goods that he or she sells to feed his family and make his or her way through life to God. To not follow this Truth would be to disrespect him or her, and then make it harder, more difficult, or impossible for them to do so. Society can't work out until we all restrain ourselves, stop stealing and follow this Truth, always.

So you see, friend, we have a lot to discuss and talk about as we go forward. This is only the beginning of Truth, there are countless others waiting to be discovered. That will have to wait for the next chapter.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Discovering Truths

Up until now I have been saying to you what Truth is and where it comes from, but the thing about Truth is that it is discoverable! Our loving God hides many of the Truths of this universe from us, and has given us charge to discovering Him through revealing Truths.

God does own this Earth, and all creatures in it. But, God has given the Earth to man to be stewards over His Creation. He has charged us to tame nature, cure the diseases and heal the sick, and discover His majesty. He wants you to come to know Him for who He really is, the one who is everything.

Truth Seekers
Many such people are given a gift to seek the Truths, for they think God to be so infinitely interesting, they treat His world as if it were a puzzle. They continue to look for more pieces as they become available. Listen to them.

Personal Truths and Prayer
Others among us find it easier to find personal Truths through prayer. They discover while being silently reverent, personal revelations about their lives and the lives of others they pray for. They may find out the answers to questions they have about life. You may ask God, "why must I suffer so?", or "why must my friend be difficult with me?" and then discover why after silent and careful thought! Pray this way I urge you, for you should want to know why your life is the way it is.

The Bible
The greatest guide and book ever written. It is full of Truths, every last page of it. For this is the best collection of Truths that mankind has ever assembled into one book. Each page and every story carries with it Truthful messages that God has given to us. You may search wide and far but you will never find a book that is so rich in Truth. Get a copy of it, read it when you feel so inclined.

Passive Prayer
You may discover Truth in simply being observant and passive. What you hear or see may at any time be a message for you. The one who really needs to hear God's voice should only open his or her eyes and ears and simply absorb life. You can do this at any time. It is a humble act to think that some of the most unlikely conversations and unusual sights you may see or be a part of are indeed Truths personally tailored for you to be discovered.

I leave you with a warning, dear friend. Cautiously check each Truth before accepting it. Simply check to see if it is consistent with whatever other Truths are known. Truths can not contradict one another. Thus, if you receive some Truth that surely is against what was written (for example) in the Bible, it really isn't a Truth at all. This may seem tiresome, but don't fret. Do the best you can to teach yourself Truths, and be cautious, that is all that can be expected.

Monday, April 23, 2007

That's Absolutely True!

Up to this point, I have told you about Truth, but what does it mean to be absolutely True? In order to understand this, its important to realize that there are two views on Truth.

Relative Truth
Those who think that Truth is relative think that Truth can be changed over a period of time. In other words, Truth is only relative to whatever the social norms are of the times. For example, sadly, many think that today casual media theft is right to do. However, such a theft would have been considered wrong to do in the past, or in other countries. Relative truths change, depending upon the times, the people, the situations, etc.

Absolute Truth
This type of Truth is exactly the opposite of Relative truth in that absolute Truth never changes, no matter what the social norms are or the times. In this case, media theft would be considered wrong to do at all times and places, no matter who partook in it. Absolute truths never change.

The problem with relative truth is that it is like the sand. You would build your house on the sand not worrying if it would shift from underneath it? Or would you build your house on the rock that never changes or shifts? Surely, I say to you that those who build their lives around relative truths never really have any conviction, no sense of what is right and wrong, always changing the rules to meet what they want reality to be -- not really how it is. The absolute Truth that escapes us who believe in relative truths may be too difficult to follow, too hard or seemingly unreasonable.

It could be very well that relative truths could be made by God; but you and I can also make relative truths too. We can declare something is right or something is wrong and then live our entire lives by it. That doesn't make the truth absolute -- only God can make absolute truth, as I have said.

I assure you that God did indeed create these Absolute Truths, and they do exist. And although I have given you only two Truths that I know, there are many, many other ones. Some are really not easy to digest, but they are absolute -- they will never change so long as you live. For more Truths, you will have to read the next chapter.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can't see God, how can He exist?

Every day we wake up in a world of finite things. The bed, the shower, the car, the job, the sunset, the dinner, and the television. All of these can be detected by our senses because they are finite and can be seen, have odor, make sounds, be felt, or have taste. And so it is, we are built to witness these finite things.

Alas, God is not finite though. If you were able to see Him, you would have to see everything, in all directions at all times. If you were able to hear Him, you'd have to listen to every sound that has ever happened or will happen. Surely we can not grasp this. So high is God's existence above us, that to see Him, we'd have to have entirely new senses capable of witnessing infinity.

No, God could never be seen in His entirety, only a representation of Himself could ever pass by our senses. Science can never prove God's existence as it concerns itself with measurements. God is infinite. You can't measure infinity with a measuring stick!

Only God can determine if He wishes for you to see Him, but even then only as a finite representation of Himself. If God so chose to appear to you, He would do so in such a finite way that you would comprehend, but He could never reveal His entire self to you. God does not wish for this to be possible for us, and His wishes are Truths, something that we can never challenge. It is simply His choice and we are obedient to Him.

Is this so hard for you to grasp? Think of it in the light of faith. Can a blind man see a pile of books? Of course not. But how could the books be there if they were not seen? You must understand that your senses can only tell you if something exists if it happens to be detected in one of five different ways. Surely you and I would be very well blind to something that does exist that we can not detect. And so it is with God; for our meager senses are not up to the challenge of perceiving His entire unlimited self. That doesn't mean that He fails to exist. You must have faith that He is there even though you can not perceive Him.

So in summary,
  • God being infinite can't be seen by our senses which see only finite things
  • None of our senses can ever measure an infinite Being
  • Because you can't detect something doesn't mean it isn't there.